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Adobe Dreamweaver training Adobe Dreamweaver Training Courses

We are now back doing full face-to-face training, but we are also happy to train remotely via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, if that is your preferred option. Contact us to discuss or see Online training for details of smaller time slots.

If you’re looking for really great Adobe Dreamweaver Training you’re in the right place.

Companies large and small choose us – why? Your own tailored, Adobe Dreamweaver Training course, at your own premises at the same price as a standard course from elsewhere.

The JMD Training difference is clear:

  • We come to you – your Adobe Dreamweaver training course will be given on your site
  • We can train using your own files and images
  • There will only be people from your company on your course
  • We offer a money-back guarantee if any delegates are not completely satisfied
  • The training date is around you, not us!
  • Our prices are astounding
  • We can assess all learners in advance for free
  • Our courses are never cancelled

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Course Type Cost per day
1 to 1 training £345 + VAT
2 to 4 delegates £525 + VAT
5 to 8 delegates £745 + VAT

Prices are PER DAY, and NOT per-person! E.g. if there’s 6 people on the course, you pay £745 + VAT.

Adobe Dreamweaver is the Web-page creation tool of choice in professional design, publishing and marketing environments. Whether you are a complete beginner or self-taught, our Dreamweaver training course will help you explore the main features of the program and unlock the secrets to using Adobe Dreamweaver in an efficient and creative manner. Because your Adobe Dreamweaver training is given at your site, during the training session you will have opportunity to work on Web pages that would be useful for your organisation.

Other Adobe training courses

Visit our blog If Only I’d Known That,; we have called it that because we hear it so many times in training sessions. In fact, if only we had an extra £50 for every time someone says “If only I’d known that.” ….


This course is of two days' duration.

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Create web pages
  • Create professional looking web sites

Basics of HTML

  • Viewing HTML code
  • Managing HTML code
  • Writing HTML code

Basics of CSS

  • What is CSS?
  • CSS v HTML
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting objects

Creating a website

  • Designing a website
  • Creating basic pages
  • Saving website pages

Building Web sites

  • Organising files and folders
  • Template creation

Adding web page content

  • Importing text
  • Creating headings
  • Creating lists
  • Creating text indents
  • Creating tables
  • Managing tables
  • Importing tabular data
  • Inserting images

Navigating a Website

  • Understanding Site Navigation
  • Linking to files on your website
  • Adding e-mail links
  • Named anchor links
  • Links from images
  • Jump menu creation

CSS Page Layouts

  • Layers
  • Adding CSS to layers
  • Absolute positioning
  • Relative positioning
  • CSS Navigation links

Creating forms

  • Form processing
  • Setting form focus
  • Validating forms

Website testing

  • Uploading your website
  • Maintaining a website
  • Testing the site
  • Remote site connection
  • File synchronisation



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